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texts & words,

Slated for [ ]: on Declutter Me! and Frequencies
artsequator, 2022

Natasha, A Biennale By Any Other Name
artsequator, 2022

here, there, ghim moh
hot pot talk: measure of a meal, 2021

peepbird: decay and transformation
between devil and the deep blue sea: from stage to screen
blueprint, centre 42, 2020

briefly, in the news (translation/transcreation of 
செய்திகளின் சாரம் by Ayilisha Manthira)
cordite poetry review, 2020

bubble missives
in collaboration with jill tan
brack, 2020

Movement In Search Of Form
quarterly literary review singapore, 2020

11 X 9:
collaborative poetry from the philippines and singapore

math paper press, 2019

Addressee Not Found:
Scouring for Singapore through Five Films
asian film archive, 2019

Contortions and Gentle Songs: SEA at Venice Biennale
artsequator, 2019

queer trauma portfolio
denver quarterly, 2019

of zoos, 2019

6 written pieces
artsequator, 2018-2019

call and response
math paper press, 2018

     water bodiesisolation ward
quarterly literary review singapore, 2017
this is not a safety barrier
ethos books, 2016

inheritance: an anthology
math paper press, 2016


golden point award (english poetry)
first place, 2017

yale-nus literary awards (english poetry)
second place, 2017

programmes & things,

developing the critical word in an age of opinion
singapore international film festival, 2021

voices in a room (ongoing)
feelers, 2021

youth jury & critics programme
singapore international film festival, 2020

transcreation: translating a language you don't know?
panelist & workshop facilitator
singapore writers festival, 2020

manuscript bootcamp (poetry [2019], prose [2020]),
program manager
singlitstation, 2019-2020

the particular is the universal
panelist and participant
melbourne writers festival, 2019

singapore pavilion ambassador programme
venice biennale, 2019

let’s cook soup together! 
workshop co-facilitator with janel ang
the future of our pasts festival2019

citizens’ reviews
citizen reviewer
centre 42, 2019

Android Pythons and the Ferocious Feminine
singapore writers festival, 2019

performance criticism mentorship with corrie tan
artsequator, 2018-2019

summer artist residency
virginia center for the creative arts, 2018

points of view (performance writing), as part of SIFA 2018
 asian dramaturgs’ network & centre 42, 2018

manuscript bootcamp (poetry),
 singlitstation, 2017

2-week long workshop
workcenter of jerzy grotowski & thomas richards, 
focused research team (art as vehicle), 2017 

& freelance work

artistic documentation (photography)
[i carry  |  schism
(english ⇆ mandarin chinese)