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Instructions for capturing bubble traces

Liquid shampoo
Thin drinking straws
Containers of any size
Water-soluble ink
Paper of your choice

1. In the container, pour a generous squeeze of ink and add water till the halfway mark of the container.
2. Add a few energetic pumps of shampoo to the ink-water mixture, and stir evenly.
3. Prepare a water-proof flat surface and wet it with water.
4. Stick the drinking straw into the container of soapy ink water and blow bubbles the way you would a drink when you’re bored.
5. When the bubbles overflow, allow them to land on the surface you’ve prepared.
6. Touch the paper surface gently onto the bubbles, lift and admire the swirling pop of colour.

*7. You can also just blow individual bubbles onto the wet surface, the same principle applies. 

Here are some bubble drawings I’ve made over the course of three months in Taiwan, Taichung:

have fun blowing bubbles~ do share them with me at IG: @blublubop if you wish :)